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HRE and Chibitalia
This might be a temporary journal, but I'm just putting out a list of cosplays I'm planning on working on.
I don't mind suggestions or a cosplay you would like to see from me, or an idea for a cosplay that's not on the list.
Just letting you know first that I'm not an active cosplayer and I don't wear a new cosplay every few weeks to monthly, because I have a rule of not spending money "frivolously" (therefore, if I have a cosplay, I have to promise that I'll wear it more than once)

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Editing in progress

Hey guys! Long time no post!

This account still isn't dead yet!
I'm still on a hiatus because I'm busy with life, but I still have cosplay plans! (I won't say which, but you can probably figure it out from my cosplay list that I still update occasionally)

For the few people who still follow this blog, this is a slightly important announcement:

This blog will be edited!

I recently reread my old posts (wow I was so active in the community) and after I got a notification about a copyright strike on a YT video I embedded, and now that my Imageshack account is dead, I figured some changes were necessary.

What I'll be doing: polishing, tweaking, removing clutter, clarifying poorly-worded sentences, replacing images/videos/links, etc.
I won't completely rewrite everything I said, to preserve the kind of person I was back then (it's really tempting to remove my old self-deprecating comments, since it's horrible to read, knowing the mindset I had back then, BUT historical preservation is slightly more important to me)

It probably isn't necessary since I hardly visit here anymore (and I'm more active on tumblr), but I figured I should do something with my blog. Who knows? I might get a sudden burst of cosplay motivation in the future???


Cherry Blossom Festival 2013
HRE and Chibitalia
It looks like the editing format changed and I don't know how to work with it at the moment D:

For now, here's the link to the journal here: http://aster-lili.tumblr.com/post/48586889120/cherry-blossom-festival

I only took one photo though, so I'm sorry there's more words than pictures orz

HRE and Chibitalia
How is everyone doing??
Wow, I don't do that much here anymore (and I keep getting spam comments that are so bloomin obviously fake it's making me cringe! xD )

So, I haven't been doing a lot of cosplaying or con visiting in a while, and, well... I probably won't be for an even longer while!
Sure, it's very fun and everything, but I don't have as much time and money to spare these days mostly due to school and my frugality anyway!
I'm definitely not going to stop though!
Once in a while I might make a new costume (I currently have plans on doing a Snufkin cosplay hopefully soon!) and perhaps go to a con or meetup or two.

For the time being though, schoolwork is most important for me, and hobby-wise, I want to work on my artwork and original stories.
If anyone would still like to keep in contact with me, my deviantart and my tumblr are the places I'm most active at. (feel free to drop a "hello!" if you like!)

I currently don't have any con-going plans right now.
I don't know if I'll be going to the Sakura fesival in or out of cosplay. (I really want to go though!)
I'm not sure about Sac Anime Summer either.
I will not be going to Fanime this year since I'll be doing some travelling during the summer and I would like to save my money on that.

Hopefully I'll have some spare time and money to go cosplaying again and dust away some cobwebs off of this blog and get it somewhat active again!
In the meantime, bye for now! ^u^

Fanime 2012

Whew! Another con come and gone!
I didn't get to do too much this year compared to previous years. (I did go to a meet-up, and I only bought a few things)
I went with four friends, so it was good company. ouo


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Cherry Blossom Festival 2012

So, it's been about half a year since I last cosplayed! @A@
And it's probably my first time in a very long time cosplaying solely from a show that's not Hetalia! xDD

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Hetalia Day 2011
Halloween Italy
Wow, I don't post very much anymore xD;

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Fanime 2011
This year's Fanime wasn't as fantastic as last year (it's difficult to beat being in a skit like last year!) but it was fun!
I got to use my new camera for these photos, so they're not very hi-def (I'll keep playing with the settings so that future photos will be more like my previous ones)

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Sakura Festival 2011
(sorry it's a tad late xD )
I wish I had better memory to remember everything that happened ;A;

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Con memories part 2
HRE and Chibitalia
Lots of photos!Collapse )


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